MitID – a secure solution

MitID replaces NemID. MitID enhances the security, so your protection against identity theft is improved. NemID is a good and secure solution today, but MitID helps to strengthen security even more.

MitID enhances security in three ways: The technical construction of MitID; the way you use MitID; the requirements on how to document and validate your identity when getting MitID.

MitID meets the latest standards for security. For example, you will be notified via the MitID app, SMS or email, if an important event occurs. This could e.g. be if the MitID app is activated on a new unit, or if a code display is activated. You can choose to be notified every time your personal MitID is used. This way you will be notified if MitID events demand your actions. 

The MitID architecture facilitates proactive and fast implementation of changes to the solution. This enables us to easily and quickly react to security threats and adapt the solution to counter these threats.

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