Take good care of your MitID

It is important to remember that no solution will protect you a 100 percent against criminals and fraud. Therefore, never give out your user ID or your codes - neither to public authorities, the bank, the MitID support or others.

Suspicion of abuse

If you discover or suspect that your personal information has been stolen or misused, it is important that you react. Contact the Agency for Digital Government’s hotline for identity theft on + 45 33 98 00 98. The hotline is open 24 hours a day.


5 safety tips regarding MitID

  • Do not ever share your code display with others.
  • Do not ever hand over your MitID app, code display, audio code reader or chip to others.
  • Do not share your user ID with others - apart from MitID support, of you have contacted them.
  • Do not ever approve a MitID transaction initiated by a phone call, email, physical visit from someone pretending to represent your bank, the MitID support or someone else. You will never be contacted this way.
  • Always read what you are about to approve using MitID. If the text doesn’t match your intent, or if you haven't initiated the transaction - do not approve.

*The app can be shared with others, for example in your household, as long as you each have your own user ID and PIN code.