Whistleblower scheme

As an employee of an institution like the High Commissioner’s Office in Greenland or the High Commissioner’s Office in the Faroe Islands you can report serious failings to the whistleblower scheme of the Prime Minister’s Office.

You can report matters such as criminal offences, serious or repeated violations of legislation, serious or repeated breaches of the principles of administrative law or key internal guidelines, serious person-related conflicts at the workplace, sexual harassment or deliberate misleading of the public or partners.

As an employee of a high commissioner’s office you are not encompassed by the whistleblower scheme, which entered into force on December 17th 2021. Any information submitted would therefore be processed pursuant to the previously applicable common guideline for whistleblower schemes in state administration, which is available here. Here you can read about such matters as third parties’ right of access to information about your name and about the rights of the person who is reported.

Should you wish to remain anonymous, please take care not to submit your name or other identifiable information, such as address or telephone number. This caution must also be extended to any attached documents.  

It can become necessary for the Prime Minister’s Office to ask you follow-up questions if it is deemed that there is insufficient information about the case, or to provide you with guidance in case the Prime Minister’s Office is not deemed to be the appropriate recipient of the report. If you do not provide any contact information, then the Prime Minister’s Office can only reach you if you regularly log into the digital whistleblower portal and reply to possible questions there. In order to enable you to do so, you must retain and keep safe the 16-digit key, which is generated once you submit your report.

The whistleblower scheme of the Prime Minister’s Office is accessible here.