How do I get MitID?

Citizens of the Faroe Islands currently have two options to get a MitID:

  • You can use your passport and the MitID app to get MitID. The MitID app can read a chip in your passport in order to confirm who you are.
  • Provided you meet the requirements to document and validate your identity, you can get MitID by booking an appointment via e-mail or telephone.


If your name contains special characters, i.e. characters that do not appear in the Danish alphabet, creation via the app can only be done if you have a Danish passport with a full CPR-number shown in the "Personnummer" field.

Therefore, given that your name contains special characters, and your passport is Faroese or Danish without a CPR-number in the "Personnummer" field, you can only get a MitID by physically attending the High Commissioners office.

The creation of MitID consists of several steps, therefore it is a good idea to set aside enough time, to ensure that you enter the correct information, such as name and phone number. 


Get MitID with passport

To get MitID with passport on the MitID app, you will need:

  • Your valid passport.
  • A smartphone that can scan the chip in your passport (NFC reader). Most Android phones and iPhone models 7 and up can be used for this. If your phone doesn’t meet the technical requirements, you can borrow someone else's phone to register as a user. Afterwards, you can use the MitID app on your own phone. Read more about this at, which also offers a videoguide:

Here's how you do it:

  • Download the MitID app in App Store or Google Play
  • Open the MitID app
  • Press 'Get started' and follow the steps. You will need your passport to confirm your identity. You have to scan your passport code, read the chip in your passport and scan your face. The app performs a facial comparison, like the one known from the airport’s automatic passport control at airports.
    The information gathered about you for this purpose is only used for this - and is therefore not saved. You will be guided along the way when you follow the steps in the MitID app.



If you have a Danish passport with a full CPR number displayed in the "Personnummer" field, you must select Danish passport and do not enter any CPR number.
If you have a Danish passport with only date of birth in the field "Personnummer" or a Faroese passport, you must select 'Other country' and enter your CPR number.


Video guide: How to get MitID with passport and the MitID app.

Guidance: Can't get passport and face scanning to work?

Learn more about creating MitID on the app by clicking here