The Danish High Commissioner in the Faroe Islands

The High Commissioner’s Office in the Faroe Islands is an institution under the Ministry of the State of Denmark.

The High Commissioner in the Faroe Islands is the highest representative of the Realm in the Faroe Islands and acts as liaison between the Faroese Home Rule and the authorities of the Realm. The High Commissioner holds a seat in the Faroese Parliament and has access to take part in negotiations regarding all affairs of shared competence, but has no voting rights.

The principal duties of the High Commissioner include:

  • Processing a range of matters relating to legislative affairs, including the entry into force of legislation of the Realm for the Faroe Islands.
  • Submitting regular reports to the Ministry of the State of Denmark regarding current economic and political affairs in the Faroe Islands.
  • Performing tasks in conjunction with elections in the Faroe Islands to the Danish Parliament, Folketinget, as well as any referenda called by Folketinget.  
  • Contributing to the planning and execution of visits to the Faroe Islands by the Danish Royal Family, Folketinget, Danish Government, among others, and participating in any associated meeting activities.
  • Preparing two publications: Annual Report for the Faroe Islands, which contains an updated overview of Faroese social, economic and political affairs, as well as the register of legislation applicable to the Faroe Islands.
  • Submitting nominations for royal distinctions.
  • Acting as secretariat for the cultural fund Dansk-Færøsk Kulturfond, as well as acting as the fund’s chair.
  • Processing applications for legal aid.
  • Processing naturalisation applications from Nordic citizens.
  • Performing tasks related to the legalisation of documents.