How do you receive an administrative CPR number?

You can be assigned an administrative CPR number by sending an application to the High Commission or by meeting in person at the High Commission’s office. Furthermore, you must meet the following conditions: you need to be a Danish citizen and be a permanent resident in the Faroes.

There are no formal application requirements, but the High Commission encourages you to use the application form found on the High Commission’s website.

With your application for an administrative CPR number, you need to include documentation proving your citizenship. This can be a copy of a valid Faroese/Danish passport. If you do not have a valid passport, you can send a copy of a proof of citizenship as well as personal identification with a photo.

Your residence is documented by submitting a certificate of residence. If you do not have a certificate of residence, the High Commission can print out a certificate of residence from the National Register.

After the High Commission has received the application and proof of citizenship, we will process the application within a few days.

We will then issue an administrative CPR number, which will be sent to the applicant by post in case the application has been submitted in writing. If the applicant has come to the High Commission’s office in person, the CPR number can be handed to the person after the application has been processed (processing the application takes approx. 15 minutes per applicant), or an agreement can be made with the applicant that the CPR number will be sent by post later.