Danish-Faroese Culture Fund

About the Fund’s charter and its Board

The Danish-Faroese Culture Fund was established in 1951 by agreement between the Danish Government and the Faroese Government.

The basis for the Fund’s assets is the repayment of loans issued by Denmark’s Treasury to Faroese persons who, for educational purposes or other reasons, were resident in Denmark during WWII when the connection between the Faroe Islands and Denmark was cut off. Additional funds have since been added to the Fund and its current assets, at year close 2018, stand at DKK 7.5 million.

The Fund operates on the basis of a charter dating from 1955. The charter sets out that the Fund is managed by a four-member board: The High Commissioner in the Faroe Islands, a representative of the Danish Ministry of Culture, and two representatives elected by the Faroese Government.

Current board members:

High Commissioner Lene Moyell Johansen (Chair by charter)

Museum Director Herleif Hammer, appointed by the Faroese Ministry of Culture

Cand.mag. Ólavur Jøkladal, appointed by the Faroese Ministry of Culture

Head of Development Anne Mette Rahbæk, appointed by the Danish Ministry of Culture 

In the period 2019/2020 the Fund received 76 applications, which were reviewed at the board meeting on April 24th, 2020.

At this meeting the board decided to award grants totalling DKK 250, 775 to 18 applicants, including one study trip grant.

For further information about the Danish-Faroese Culture Fund and application guidance, please contact the Fund’s secretary Marin Mikkelsen on tel. +298 201200.