Administrative CPR number for persons under guardianship

If a citizen has been placed under guardianship, the guardian will, on behalf of the citizen, make the request that the citizen be issued an administrative CPR number, on the condition that the guardianship is in regard to the issue at hand. A copy of the assignment of guardianship must be included with the application.

Documentation of citizenship must be sent in with the application for an administrative CPR number. This can be a copy of a valid Faroese/Danish passport of the person who wishes to be assigned an administrative CPR number. If the person does not hold a valid passport, a copy of a certificate of citizenship as well as a form of identification with photo can be included instead.

If a person under guardianship on his or her own initiative requests to be assigned an administrative CPR number, the person has the right to do so since the personal ability to act cannot be denied a person.