Danish citizenship may be obtained by declaration to the High Commissioner in the Faroe Islands or by naturalisation, please refer to Implementing Order No. 422, dated June 7th, 2004, on the Danish Citizenship Act with subsequent amendments.

The Danish terms dansk statsborger and dansk indfødsret are used interchangeably to refer to the concept of Danish citizenship.

Certain categories of people may acquire Danish citizenship by submitting a declaration to the High Commissioner. They are:

  • persons who have had Danish citizenship from birth, but have later lost it
  • persons who are citizens of another Nordic country

Please also refer to the section on Citizenship by Declaration.

All other persons must apply for Danish citizenship by naturalisation. Please refer to the section on Citizenship by Naturalisation.

Dual nationality

By Decree No. 761, dated June 30th, 2019, on the Entry into Force in the Faroe Islands of the Amendments to the Danish Citizenship Act, which entered into force on August 3rd, 2019, the rules governing dual nationality and other provisions were changed.

This Decree means that Danish citizens who wish to acquire a foreign nationality may do so without loosing their Danish nationality. They are not required to take any action with the Danish authorities to this effect.

However, the legislation in the country where a Danish citizen wishes to acquire nationality will determine whether dual nationality is accepted or whether there is a requirement to renounce the Danish citizenship. Danish citizens may still, on application to the Danish Ministry of Immigration and Integration, on certain conditions be released from their Danish citizenship.

This Decree also means that foreign nationals who wish to acquire Danish citizenship will no longer be required by the Danish authorities to renounce their other nationality. However, the legislation of the country where the person is already a national will determine whether dual nationality is permitted or whether the person will loose their citizenship of that country on acquiring Danish citizenship.

The Decree also establishes two transition schemes on acquisition of Danish citizenship by declaration. Please refer to the section on Citizenship by Declaration.