What is a NemID and for what can you use it?

NemID is a common national log-in identity, which is used to log into both public and private self-service services in Denmark.

NemID can, for example, be used when sending in an application for a study programme in Denmark and gain access to one’s retirement plan in Danish pension schemes or one’s patient records for treatment received in a Danish hospital.

NemID is made up of a user ID, a password and a key card (in paper) with a number of one-time codes. Every time you log into a website that uses NemID, you first enter your user ID and password, and then a code from your key card.

The key card can be replaced by the NemID key app. This is an app for tablets and smartphones, which is a digital supplement to your key card. If you choose to use the key app, it is still important to keep your physical key card, as you will need it in certain situations.


Digital Signature

When you receive a NemID issued by the High Commission, it is a NemID with an official digital signature. A digital signature is an electronic signature, which ensures that you are the person you claim to be when you sign something in digital communication. With a digital signature you can sign electronic documents, e.g. in connection with buying or selling a house in Denmark.