Update your personal information in NemID

Some NemID users are required to update their personal information in NemID before they can get MitID. The reasion for this is the toughen requirements regarding digital identity. This enhances the security pertaining to securing the identity of the person, that the person is who is pretends to be, when issued a MitId. 

You can no longer use your CPR number as user ID. It strenghtens of the allround security that the user ID you select is unique and not something that can be identified through access to your CPR number. 

You should create a user ID, which is difficult for others to guess but still easy for you to remember. Don't ever share your user ID with any other person - that is apart from MitID support, if you contact them yourself. You can always change your user ID on MitID.dk. 

How to update your personal information in NemID 

If you need to update your information, you must first scan your passport using your NemID app. This confirms your identity and completes the requirement for getting your MitID. You need a valid passport issued efter January 1st 2012 and a smartphone capable to scanning the passport. Most Android phones and IOS iPhone 7 and younger are capable to performing this task. 

Users without a valid Danish passport or without the possibility to complete the process in the NemID app, will be provided with other options to get MitID. They will be contacted separately. 


  • Open NemID app
  • Press "Opdate here"
  • Log on NemID 
  • Scan your passport with your smartphone and follow the steps. You will be guided along the way when you follow the steps in the NemID app. 

Now you can get MitID via MitID.dk


Update your personal information and get MitID via MitID app 

Once you have updated your personal information, you are ready to get MitID. To get MitID with the MitID app you need: 

  • Your passport
  • A smartphone that can scan your passport. 

How to get MitID through the MitID app:

  • Download the MitID app 
  • Open the MitID app 
  • Open "Settings" (top left)
  • Tap "Create MitID" and follow the steps. You will be guided along the way when you follow the steps in the MitID app. 

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