Protect your MitID

Even if MitID is as secure as the newest standards require, you still need to protect your personal MitID. 


What do I do, if I  suspect that someone has access to my MitID? 

If you suspect that someoe has accessed your MitID via the self-service universe on, contact MitID support immediately to get your MitID blocked for the moment, or contact Agency for Digital Government hotline for digital identity theft on (+45) 33 98 00 98. The hotline is open 24 hours a day all year round and provides a one-stop shop citizens who either have been victims of, or suspect, digital identity theft. 


Keep your MitID credentials safe

  • Never show your codes to anyone.
  • Never share your MitID app*, code display or audio code reader with anyone else.
  • Never share your use ID with anyone else - except with MitID support if you contact them personally. 
  • Never approve anything with MitID based on a phone call, e-mail or a visit from anyone purporting to be from bank, MitID support etc. You will never be contacted in that way. 
  • Always read what action you are about to approve with MitID. If the stated action does not correspond to what you wany to do, or you have not initiated the action yourself, do not approve the action.