MitID replaces NemID

On 31 October 2023, NemID will shut down. After this, you can only access digital self-service solutions with MitID. Therefore, the High Commissioner’s Office encourages all citizens who use NemID to convert to MitID before the shutdown.

During this transition period, NemID continues with limited operation, which i.a. means that the issuance of NemID ceases and that it will no longer be possible to receive support related to NemID.

However, it will still be possible to receive help blocking your NemID by calling +45 72 24 70 10. NemID can also still be blocked in the self-service.

Even though you are getting MitID, you need to keep NemID for now. This is because there will be a transitional period where specific platforms will still require you to use NemID until it has been completely phased out.