Get started with MitID

There are two ways of getting MitID as a faroese citizen:

  • Get MitID with MitID app. Use your passport and the MitID app to get MitID. The MitID app can read the hidden chip in your passport and confirm your identity. This is an alternative to show in person in the High Commission. 
  • Get MitID with NemID. Get your MitID here if you have NemID. You need to access to SMS or e-mail to receive information during getting MitID. 

If you have an account in a Danish bank, you will be notified by your online or mobile bank when it is your turn to get MitID. 

Get MitID with MitID app

Get MitID from home with the MitID app and your passport as an alternative to a visit in the High Commission. The passport must be Danish, Greenlandic or Faroese. 


  • Check your phone and passport
  • Download MitID app and open app menu
  • Scan passport code, read chip and scan face
  • Create user ID
  • Activate MitID app 

Video guide: How to get MitID with passport and MitID app (english subtitles)

Guide: Cannot get the passport and face scan to work? 

Do you know someone without a MitID and who does not have a phone that can scan passport? Then you can help that person get a MitID via your phone and the MitID app. The person you help must have a Danish, Greenlandic or Faroese passport. After the initial scanning, the person you help must activate the MitID app on their own phone. No personal information is saved or stored on your phone. 


Get MitID with NemID 

In order to get MitID with your NemID, you will nedd the following:

  • a computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • your NemID - code card or code app 
  • access to text messages or e-mail

You can get MitID with NemID by logging in to your onine banking service, your mobile banking app, or 

When you get your MitID, you have to go through several steps, so be prepared to spend some time doing it. 


  • Log in with NemID by visitng under the menu "Get MitID"
  • Choose the MitID app option or one of the alternatives 
  • Enter your contact information 
  • Choose your user ID
  • Download or order MitID 
  • Activate MitID