About MitID

MitID is your digital ID that you will use to access the public self-service solutions. You will use the same log on whether you log on to your online bank or to do yours taxes on skat.dk. You can use MitID for the same task you have used NemID. 

If you are in a habit of using the NemID app, you will not experience a significant difference. Once you have created your MitID, you can choose the new MitID app and use it in much the same way you are used to from the NemID app. The code is discontinued because it is too easy to copy and abuse. Read more about how you use the MitID app here

Alternatives to MitID app

If you cannot use the MitID app, you can use the code display, audio code reader or chip. 

MitID code display is a small electronic device that displays a one-time password code. Enter the one-time password code, when you log on to confirm your MitID. Read more here.

MitID audio code reader is intended for people with impaired vision. The audio code reader will read the one-time password code out loud for you and display the code on the device's screen. You are able to adjust language (English or Danish) and volume directly on the audio code reader. Read more here

MitID chip is for you who need to approve and log on with MitID many times every day, eg in connection with your work. Read more here